wordpress image - How to choose your WordPress HostingWe all have our personal criteria when selecting service providers whether it is a consultant or our web hosting service. I have an insatiable curiosity for figuring things out and playing with programs that I try to keep in check (and stay focused on the big picture business goals…)

I selected my service two years ago after researching different hosting services for WordPress sites.

  1. One of my concerns was who owns my site. In my case, I purchased my domains myself and then selected my host.
  2. My next concern was the safety of my content
  3. Scalability of the site.
  4. Speed of loading (because we all hate slow sites!) FYI – Most of my images are scaled down close to their final sizes to help this.
  5. How much was it going to cost me.

After some serious research, I found a company in San Antonio to host my site and have been very happy with them.

To answer the question…I use Pressable, which started out as Zippykid when I first started working with them. My subscription, covers five websites.

PressableVid Luther and his Team are very good at sending me emails whenever major software and server upgrades are in progress. They even let us know when there are issues being addressed with the servers.

Upon first glance, it appears that I pay more than some of the better known sites, but my host has been responsive and has helped me with issues that I didn’t know enough to know that I should have hired a developer. (I build my own sites to get started and then hand them off when I have a better feel for the direction I want them to go. I don’t recommend doing that route typically…)

They have protected the site from several cyber attacks, which again goes to my peace of mind after speaking to some fellow women entrepreneurs about their incidents they were working through.

Scalability wise…if they can manage Fortune 100 companies, I’m pretty sure they are scalable enough for where I am starting!

For more information…(and no, I am not an affiliate)…