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Powerful Communication is the foundation…

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  • To grow your business…

  • To further your career…

  • To lead your organization…

You must Communicate Powerfully

When YOU Communicate Powerfully, YOU get better results in less time, with stronger professional relationships, and with greater personal and professional fulfillment.

One form of communication that I work with individuals on is Public speaking. WHY?

Public speaking is THE fastest way to get your message out and establish your expertise to potential clients when done correctly.

I have spent thousands of dollars and over 15 years learning different styles. Like you, I am always learning better ways to get my message out to the public. I have been the person giving the presentation to public agencies when millions of dollars were on the line. I have also been on the receiving end as a public official. (And…YES…I have even competed and coached others for competitions.) I’ve been on the end of presentations that didn’t go well (I hate those!)

I know the hard work that goes into this…That’s WHY I also know that you can do this…

I work with YOU to share your voice, to get your message across in ways that your competition is not.

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Douglas Mendel

Douglas Mendel
Author | Traveler | Philanthropist

Yvonne is a very-detailed individual/coach who has helped me share my message about my endeavors helping the Cambodian people with more clarity, confidence and passion. I highly recommend Yvonne for her amazing one-on-one attention to detail, her infectious smile and love for making a difference in this beautiful world![/one_half]

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Courtney Kirschbaum

Courtney Kirschbaum
CK Consulting

I had an urgent need to prepare a presentation for the eWomen network North America’s Next Greatest Speaker contest. In one session, Yvonne helped me focus my core message and organize both my thoughts and ideas to create a presentation which was a huge success. I was selected to be in the final 15 out of hundreds of submissions, then the top 10, and finally top 5. Yvonne was organized and focused…she quickly and efficiently brought it all together. Her technical abilities and insights were on target. It made all the difference in my presentation.[/one_half]

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Beyond Public Speaking

While I have a toolkit and methodology to help YOU speak in public, I go beyond public speaking when working with businesses and organizations. That’s because Communication for small business leaders and executives is much broader.

It includes:
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  • One-on-one communication.
  • Leading meetings.
  • Moving conversations in meetings and networking events forward to results.
  • Modeling the desired culture of the organization.
  • Mastering the messages sent to others on your Team, based on how YOU spend your time, allocate resources, and relate to colleagues.
  • Building strong working relationships across your organization and outside in the community.
  • Translating between technical knowledge and business results. (Stop the Jargon!)

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FeedbackYvonne Bryant International llc, with both my background and the experts I bring in when needed, provides unmatched depth and breadth when it comes to helping YOU Communicate Powerfully and have more impact…

Improve impact where 99% of communication happens.

Most communication doesn’t happen during the huge speech, meeting or conference. It happens in your everyday, moment-by-moment communications with your clients…your prospects…your consultants…your employees…and your Team.

These are the times when YOU earn trust and credibility along with the right to lead…or don’t…

Are you growing your business and having the impact that you want?

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YOUYour Communication needs are unique to you. I work with YOU to improve your confidence, flexibility, and effectiveness in key conversations as well as in the hundreds of messages you send each and every day.

If you have a specific individual who can benefit from one-on-one work, a group of leaders, or you want to incorporate my work into your existing leadership development programs, Yvonne Bryant International llc can customize the program that is right for YOU.

I deliver results via workshops, one-on-one coaching and group coaching.

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 The bottom line:  I help YOU Communicate Powerfully when it matters most.

For more information, contact Yvonne Bryant International llc today
at Yvonne@YvonneCBryant.com or call us at 210.887.3937