You may be thinking…”Oh, this is another networking article…”

That is not the case. This actually goes deeper in that YOU are an authority on a topic either through experience or research.

  • You probably LOVE talking about this topic.
  • You KNOW you can help the client build a better business.
  • You KNOW where their business is heading.

The PROBLEM: This is how the client feels around YOU…

Too much information

You are like a fireman spraying too much information, overwhelming them, maybe even confusing them.

Four ways to identify that you are not meeting clients where they are at:

  • They get a glazed look while you are speaking.
  • You may hear yourself saying “They aren’t listening to me,” or “they don’t understand what they need.”
  • You aren’t getting the work.
  • You are being replaced by a new consultant or coach.

To build your business…

There is a simple solution based on psychology that you can implement immediately once you identify what is going on…

“Meet them where they are at…AND lay the foundation for where they are going…to build your business…”

If our client is at Point A and wants to get to Point C, we confuse and frustrate them if we are talking about Point M. They are in the PAIN of getting from Point A to Point C right now and can’t see beyond that.

Point A to M

The challenge for you is to break your knowledge down so that you can get them to Point C in such a way that the foundation has been laid for their next step. You may have heard this as the Client Journey or a Value Ladder.

What does this look like…

  • This past year, I had an employer from 10-years ago call me about a church that we had worked on in Austin, Texas. When the church was designed, it was set up for Sanctuary to seat 300 congregation members (their Point C). At the time, we knew that they were going to grow to 500 (Point M) so we set up their Sanctuary, Education wing, office wing, and fellowship hall so that specific walls could be taken down and the facility expanded when the need and finances were there.
  • For a coach or consultant, we don’t take a client through a full on Strategic plan (Point M) if all they are worried about right now is getting through the upcoming Board presentation or dealing with the overwhelm of working 60+ hour weeks (their Point C).

Assess their PAIN point and use your knowledge to get them to THEIR goal. Build a relationship and lay the foundation for their next step…you may just get the opportunity to help them!

When you use this method…you become a true business leader and authority helping your clients.