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Business Coaching & Consulting

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Tanya Gioia - Joyous Skin Care

Tanya Gioia Joyous Skin Care

Working with Yvonne is a breath of fresh air. To move forward alone is a slow slog through a lot of wet snow. It is just easier to stay bundled-up in the safe zone wishing for change instead of doing something to change. I am a one woman show looking for a way to generate passive income so that I can spend more time with my family. I can only work so many hours in the day and my sweet boys are my tip-top priority. My question was how to bring in more money and repeat clients in less time?

Before I met Yvonne I was dabbling in my own branded skin care line, Joyous Natural Skin Care. My desire was” to create a custom plan for your skin with natural skin care that is simple to use and understand”. Sounds good on paper huh? Now, how do I make that a reality? Yvonne helped me to look closely at several areas:

1) Product cost- retail vs whole sale
2) Product distribution
3) Product suppliers- could I stay with my present supplier and get bigger
4) Budgeting
5) Product development –stop creating and start selling

Next we had to take a hard look at where I was making my money. My client retention, revenues, supplies for treatments, advertising and marketing. This required intensive budgeting and fear management. Facing a lot of areas I did not want to deal with was hard. Yvonne is patient and kind but keeps your feet to the fire. I am still juggling a lot of these issue with Yvonne’s help. I am stepping out of my comfort zone and taking risks- good risks. I can tell you this, I am not going to look back on this business and say I wish I had….

With Yvonne’s guidance I have stepped out of my treatment room and offered some great products to the world. Dream big, then, let Yvonne help you put the small pieces together to create your dream. By the way, I now have over 500 clients, 30+ products for sale and my business in up by 33% in only 6 months! Thanks Yvonne, now let’s get back to work on an even bigger project!


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Liz Bruner - k9_adventure_fitness

Liz Bruner k9 Adventure Fitness

Initially I was a disorganized mess, not making money, and unsure of how to change it all.

I started to work with Yvonne Bryant, and over a short but very effective couple months she not only help set up an appropriate price point, but gave me the tools I needed to continue to reach my target goals and stay organized. Business has since continued to not only grow, but make a profit on a steady incline.

It made going away for two weeks and helping my boyfriend with his family a lot less stressful. Last time when I left for a week, I was stressed like crazy. This time, I came back from this trip and was able to pay everyone, including myself, and upgrade our facilities. It felt great!

I have been wanting to write you and thank you again for everything you did for me in such a short time. You rocked my business world in a way that I really needed.

I have also been able to hire help and invest into the company. I am excited to continue to use the tools Yvonne had given to me and would recommend anyone at any stage in their business needing help on any level to give Yvonne a call to help meet your business goals.
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Professional Speaking, Presentation and Leadership Coaching

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Darryle Browne

Darryle Browne
Elevate YOUR Success From Talk To ACTION!

Yvonne is an amazing speaker, writer and consultant who displays proven leadership in a variety of different venues, in which she has received praise and considerable commendation for her accomplishments…she has proven her total commitment to self-development, personal growth and interpersonal skills that add value to every project she is consulted for on a regular basis.

Yvonne is a proven leader who inspires with enthusiasm and possesses a genuine heart to help others unlock their leadership potential and talents to not only achieve their goals, but to exceed them.

I highly recommend Yvonne to public and private sector companies looking for a leadership and communications development coach who can inspire, motivate and ignite vision within their organizations.

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Tom Hobbs - The Man in the Hat

Tom Hobbs
The Man in the Hat

Yvonne’s Leadership methods utilizes intelligence, compassion & the ability to see beauty in all things around her. Taking these skills and teaching them to other entrepreneurs at all levels is exciting to witness. She has generated awesome results supporting others on her team.

I take my Hat off to her passion for results. I am honored to have had her on my team the past 3 years. Tom Hobbs, District 26 Governor 2013-14 Toastmasters International.

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Lindsay Balgooyen - Gr8ful Giveback

Lindsay Balgooyen
Gr8ful Giveback

Yvonne volunteered her weekend to be a coach at the Breckenridge Startup Weekend, and was an immense help to our team. She was good at keeping us on track and helped us to stay focused on what was important. She has a lot of knowledge on public speaking and how to form a good presentation, and her advice helped us to win the competition.

Thanks again Yvonne can’t wait to work together in the future.

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Dan Balgooyen - Gr8ful Giveback

Dan Balgooyen
Gr8ful Giveback

I met Yvonne at the Breckenridge Startup weekend where she volunteered to coach all the teams in the competition. She helped our team tremendously with our confidence, and presentation training. We were very thankful she was generous enough to giveback her valuable time.

Yvonne was personable and helped us win the competitive event. Our Startup, Gr8ful Giveback, is becoming a reality with the help of Yvonne.


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Katherine Correll - Downtown Colorado Inc

Katherine Correll
Downtown Colorado Inc

Downtown Colorado, Inc. (DCI) has had the honor of working with Yvonne Bryant on multiple occasions and in multiple capacities.

Yvonne has presented at DCI’s annual conference and assisted in DCI community activation meetings as a volunteer consultant and facilitator.

Yvonne is a dynamic and engaging speaker, a thoughtful and receptive facilitator of meetings and possesses enormous insight into strategies for small business success.

She is a pleasure to work with and her organization, creative thinking and positivity are a wonderful addition to any team.

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Douglas Mendel

Douglas Mendel
Author | Traveler | Philanthropist

Yvonne is a very-detailed individual/coach who has helped me share my message about my endeavors helping the Cambodian people with more clarity, confidence and passion.

I highly recommend Yvonne for her amazing one-on-one attention to detail, her infectious smile and love for making a difference in this beautiful world!

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Courtney Kirschbaum

Courtney Kirschbaum
CK Consulting

I had an urgent need to prepare a presentation for the eWomen network North America’s Next Greatest Speaker contest.

In one session, Yvonne helped me focus my core message and organize both my thoughts and ideas to create a presentation which was a huge success. I was selected to be in the final 15 out of hundreds of submissions, then the top 10, and finally top 5.

Yvonne was organized and focused…she quickly and efficiently brought it all together. Her technical abilities and insights were on target. It made all the difference in my presentation.


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Project Management

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Devin Drayton - Colorado Department of Transportation

Devin Drayton
Colorado Department of Transportation

Yvonne planned and organized a very large third party Hwy project. Yvonne is extremely well organized, very professional and a pleasure to work with. I wish there were more like Yvonne, she really goes the extra effort to keep things running smoothly. Highly Recommended!

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Ben Heimsath - Heimsath Architects

Ben Heimsath
Heimsath Architects

Yvonne’s tireless energy and creative ideas make her a great contributor to any project. She constantly looked for new opportunities or places to help…

Years later, we still continue the lunch and learn sessions she started during her tenure at Heimsath Architects. [/one_half]

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I worked with Yvonne Bryant on several development projects in Garfield County, Colorado, and found her to be a great Job Captain-Planner. She was an asset to the project. She kept the projects moving with multiple consultants and approval agencies involved. Michael Claffey, Claffey Ecological Consulting, Inc.

Part of my role as consulting Town Engineer was to perform development reviews on several of Yvonne’s projects. Her work was thorough and went far to making the projects the best they could be. She represented her client’s interests well. Dave Kotz, SGM