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Yvonne Bryant - CEO & Owner, Yvonne Bryant International
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  • I work with professionals to create unique solutions (based on solid business principles) to improve performance, products & services, profits and presence.
  • Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art. Andy Warhol


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[toggle title=”Mission“]Help clients reach their highest potential while creating profitable businesses.[/toggle]
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  • Your organization is in a transition.
  • You are capable of BIG visioning but might not have practice with defining the Masterplan, setting the milestone steps and implementing.
  • You are hardworking and goal oriented. Some may call you a “High-Achiever.”
  • You know that quick fixes are deceptive—that the smarter way to build requires setting the course and having a guide who is both visionary and practical

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I believe success in life and business are based on the following principles…

  • Success is built gradually with a strong foundation
  • Go with the flow
  • Do the work
  • Treat others as you want to be treated
  • Always learn

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  • 2013 Certificate of Merit Colorado Small Business Development Center Network – Business Consultant Certification
  • 2013 Citizen Architect Award – American Institute of Architects Colorado West Chapter
  • 2013 State Finalist in the Mrs. Colorado America Pageant – Mrs. Summit County
  • 2011-2012 District 26 Toastmaster of the Year out of 3,000 members in Colorado, Wyoming and Western Nebraska for exceptional leadership and service
  • 2011 American Institute of Architects Colorado West Service Award
  • Colorado Architect 402051
  • Leadership Summit Class of 2011
  • 2010 Adams State College E-Business Certificate
  • 2001 Passed NCIDQ exams in 2001 for Interior Design registration
  • 1998 Employee of the Month for Texas A&M University System for developing a system increasing performance/productivity by 50%
  • 1997 Honorary Center Fellow, George Bush School of Government and Public Service Center for Public Leadership Studies

[toggle title=”Favorite Things I Do When NOT Working“]I love spending time with my husband Evan and our yellow lab Cheyenne. You can typically find us hiking on the weekends on some of our favorite mountain trails.

We also love to find scenic trails to ride our dirt bikes. I found an amazing gentleman in Aspen who can modify dirt bikes to fit petite ladies like myself. I’m currently riding a modified Honda 250.

I am an avid learner. In 2012, the incoming District 26 Division Governor encouraged me to step out from behind the scenes and SHINE. After some consideration, I entered the Mrs. Colorado Pageant, the State Finals for the Mrs. America Pageant, where I represented my county as Mrs. Summit County. (Nothing like a pageant to bring out a suppressed competitive spirit!)

[toggle title=”Things I would like to do“]
This is ever evolving.

  • High on my list is to take a Ralley Car course. I currently drive a Subaru 2008 STI. (No rally car class yet, but we have gotten to drive the course at Texas World Speedway in  College Station, Texas)
  • Present a workshop in New Zealand, Australia, and Dubai while visiting family and friends.
  • Ride a height appropriate Ducati or BMW in Italy. (We just got back from our June 2016 Italy trip!)
  • Visit the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.


[toggle title=”Community Service and Volunteerism“]
Community service is integral to my practice and core values. Like my mission statement above, it is important to me to provide opportunities to lift others up where I can. I t is like Michelle Obama’s speech to the Democratic National Convention when she said: “When you Walk through that doorway of opportunity, you don’t slam it shut! You reach back and help other people with chances that help you succeed.”

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I volunteered as an appointed Dillon Planning and Zoning Commissioner where I was Vice-Chair for three years. Part of this responsibility is serving as liaison on the Parks and Recreation Committee.

I have held additional leadership positions within Toastmasters International and District 26 Toastmasters. Toastmasters is a non-profit communication and leadership training organization. Positions in which I have served Summit Toastmasters include, President (2010-2011), Vice-President of Education (2011-2012, 2012-2013), and Sargent-at-Arms (2013-2014). As President, I focused on helping members find their voices and become the speakers and leaders that they wanted to be. I established a series of club level speech contests for members to test their new skills. As the Vice-President of Education, I worked with members to identify their personal communication and leadership goals, then created learning opportunities that could be carried to other organizations and businesses.

I have served two terms as Area Governor within Toastmasters District 26 working with clubs on the Western Slopes of Colorado from Summit County to Grand Junction, Aspen and Delta. I’ve served one term as Foothills Division Governor supporting ~30 clubs across the state of Colorado. I work with club leaders and members on their goal and helps with long term strategic initiatives. With the support of the District 26, a Grand Junction Leadership Institute was established in 2012 that meets twice a year to train current and future members interested in leadership. An Eagle Valley Toastmasters Leadership Institute was established in 2013 that meets once a year.

I have served on numerous committees, chairs and Boards for the American Institute of Architects over the last 11 years.

Additional non-profit groups that I support as I can include:



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[title size=”2″]About Yvonne[/title]
Owner of business consulting and executive coaching firm Yvonne Bryant International llc, Yvonne Bryant is on a mission to help individuals reach their highest potential in their businesses and careers.

In the beginning…Yvonne started her first business over 20 years ago doing data entry and developing databases for international non-profits. She went on to obtain her Bachelor of Environmental Design from Texas A&M University in College Station and even started a second firm, Motus Design Group llc.

Phase 2 Yvonne Bryant Career[title size=”3″]Phase 2[/title] Yvonne considers what ensued to be her second phase of life. She went on to become a Registered Interior Designer, Licensed Architect, a Design Director, a Community Planner and Project Manager having completed projects across the United States.

Yvonne was recognized as:

  • 1997 Honorary Center Fellow, George Bush School of Government and Public Service Center for Public Leadership Studies
  • 1998 Employee of the Month for Texas A&M University System for developing a system increasing performance/productivity by 50%

An avid volunteer believing in corporate citizenship and the responsibility of professionals to give back to their profession and the community, Yvonne served on multiple local and state Boards with the American Institute of Architects. She served her community in Dillon, Colorado as Vice-Chair of the Planning and Zoning Commission and liaison on the Parks and Recreation Committee.

Throughout, she always mentored others.

Characteristics of Yvonne Bryant[title size=”3″]Characteristics[/title] Yvonne’s life and career were characterized by several key qualities that have served both her and her clients…

  • Driven…While some of her friends jokingly call her “Ms. High Achiever,” Yvonne has always known that she is driven to always learn more.
  • Methodical & Goal Driven… From the age of four, Yvonne has set big goals and gone about the step-by-step task of accomplishing them. 12 years to becoming a soloist dancer, 12 years (excluding college) to finish her internships and take the three NCIDQ exams for Interior Design and the nine exams then required to be an Architect.
  • Visionary…For her clients, Yvonne has always worked with them to assess where they are at and what their big picture objectives are. She is no stranger to developing 5, 10, 25 year plans for organizations and then breaking them down into manageable pieces to implement.
  • Communication skills…Yvonne learned during high-school the importance of writing skills when she took four years of journalism. She used that foundation where she studied further Communication classes in inter-personal, organizational, and inter-cultural communication plus public speaking. That could partially explain her knack for coordinating large Teams of internal and external stakeholders that include technical and non-technical professionals.

Dollars-glowing green blueYvonne never left her roots in business development throughout this phase. She was selected to be on interview Team and she developed new markets and systems for several organizations.

  • She helped a professional services company develop a new department that began billing $240,000 in services within three years with one staff member.
  • She created systems to manage multiple multi-million dollar projects concurrently.
  • She helped another company increase sales an additional $70,000 within 6 months by bridging the company’s products and services into a complimentary market.

Phase 3 of Yvonne Bryant Career[title size=”3″]Phase 3[/title]In 2010, Yvonne entered what she is calling her third phase of life and career. During this time period, many in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries were laid off, including Yvonne. This was a time of hard choices and decisions…

Yvonne made the decision to build a new career using over 20 years of experience along with additional training in E-business, Executive Coaching, Leadership & Communication training, and Business Consulting. She now works with individuals and organizations to build their business and leadership competencies.

Her ability to combine technical and soft skills with an understanding of how things fit in bigger goals sets her apart. Her understanding of transitions and the pains that come with big changes enable her to be both empathetic and firm (everybody needs a kick in the pants sometimes…even Yvonne).

During this third phase, Yvonne was honored as the 2011-2012 District 26 Toastmaster of the Year for Leadership Excellence and Service for Colorado, Wyoming and Western Nebraska where she established two Leadership Institutes.

Final Thoughts[title size=”3″]Final thoughts[/title]One of Yvonne’s mentors, Clovis Heimsath, once told her…

“Yvonne, you have to enjoy the journey…”

Yvonne brings this wisdom with her in this phase for both herself and her clients…

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[client link=”” linktarget=”_blank” image=”http://yvonnecbryant.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/colorado-mountain-college.png” alt=”Colorado Mountain College – SBDC Small Business Consultant”] [/clients]