3 tips When Looking into Overseas Manufacturing?

Interesting article if you are considering overseas manufacturing. Article: Shark Tank's Lori Greiner on the No. 1 Mistake to Avoid When Manufacturing Your Product Overseas image by Logan Alexander Source: Entrepreneur.com There have been multiple stories the last few years of when things go wrong with overseas manufacturing. In this article, Lori Greiner of Shark Tank suggests using [...]

3 tips When Looking into Overseas Manufacturing?2014-12-14T21:05:05-06:00

The ASK Game

The ASK Game - Having FUN while ASKING for support! The ASK Game - Having FUN while ASKING for support! Who says you can't have fun in business while learning new skills? One week to stronger ASK skills and stronger sales conversations! Darla LeDoux of Aligned Entrepreneurs challenged some us to play this game for a week. The [...]

The ASK Game2014-11-24T09:58:01-06:00

Is Your Tribe Eagles or Turkeys?

Who is your tribe of people that you spend the most time with? We hear about tribes in the business world it seems everywhere. So what is a tribe? Seth Godin defines a tribe as: a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. For millions of years, human beings have been [...]

Is Your Tribe Eagles or Turkeys?2014-11-25T12:43:49-06:00

Tips to Avoid Scope Seep

I learned about Scope Seep while working as an architect and project manager. Like scope creep, it is one of those subtle things that on the surface looks harmless...like you are just being nice and adding exceptional customer service. Below the surface, it is insidious as it eats away at your business and profits. SO what is scope seep? Scope [...]

Tips to Avoid Scope Seep2014-11-22T16:10:20-06:00

3 Tips to Communicate Your Value to the Other 67%

Did you know that most small businesses are only marketing to the 3% of buyers who are actively looking for their products or services? 3% are actively looking or shopping for your products or services. This is where most of your competition is also marketing. 7% are open to the possibility of buying your products or services, they haven't actively [...]

3 Tips to Communicate Your Value to the Other 67%2014-11-20T12:17:45-06:00
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