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8 Tips on How to Think Faster

Life is a series of presentations in which we are called upon to think fast and deliver a quick response. "When you are fast...people think you are smart, they think your products are higher quality, they think the management of your organization is higher quality, and they are willing to pay more for your solutions as a result. You can [...]

8 Tips on How to Think Faster2014-03-25T15:31:39-05:00

Yvonne Bryant International llc Blogging Promise

While exploring and getting ready to launch my new brand (Yvonne Bryant International llc), I found a blog post by Jonnie Jensen in which he made a promise to his readers...I felt moved to do a modified version of it... Our Blogging Promise I will always be honest, genuine and tell you what I really think... I will share with [...]

Yvonne Bryant International llc Blogging Promise2014-03-25T15:24:43-05:00
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