Customer relationship management - AutorespondersAs many of you know, I have been promising a newsletter for a while. I’m actually on my third autoresponder software for doing newsletters and have FINALLY found one that I like.

I started with gmail and let me just say it took a good 4 days to email everybody at Christmas and I attached the Christmas image wrong so you got a lot of garbly-gook. (Sorry about that!) I tried shifting everybody over to a 1shoppingcart platform and personally did not get along with the interface well and did not want to pay extra to have a nice newsletter template created. So then I tried Aweber which is robust and has a lot of great features except it wasn’t going to be able to scale to what I am building. (I like simplicity in systems and as much in one platform as possible…one less password to remember and one less system to coordinate.) That is when I made the decision to go Infusionsoft. Will wax poetic on that further in future posts while discussing systems.

You would think that decision would be enough, but like you I needed additional help…I found I couldn’t do all of the day-to-day behind the scenes operations of my business and still serve you.

This month, I would like to feature my amazing consultant, Jessica Stephens.

Jessica Stephens Small Business Growth ExpertSmall Business Growth Expert

Jessica is a Small Business Growth Expert and Professional Services Consultant with Infusionsoft.

How has Jessica helped Yvonne?

Yvonne: Jessica started automating several functions of my business. One task that would take me two to three days to do, Jessica was able to automate in fifteen minutes! She has worked her creative genius on several of my systems. In fact, I tell Jessica what my frustration is and she figures out a way to automate it!

Jessica is in the process of integrating webinars into my system in June…you’ll see the test webinars happening shortly as I finish the pieces I am coordinating.

Why has Yvonne committed to working with a consultant like Jessica?

Yvonne: I believe in making things simple for both myself and my clients. If a system is frustrating me, it is taking time away from me developing programs or services for you. If one of the systems within my webpage, shopping cart, etc. is frustrating you because it isn’t easy to navigate, I consider that a serious problem.

Jessica is smoothing out these systems so that we can all focus on building our businesses together. I consider that a good investment.

Why does Jessica like working with small businesses?

Jessica: I love working with small businesses for many reasons but firstly, because they are dynamic in nature. Small businesses can shift and pivot based on industry and/or economical needs which allows us (the entrepreneur and me) to get creative and strategic with our marketing and planning. We have an amazing opportunity here at Infusionsoft to help the dreamers (entrepreneurs) achieve their goals every day.

Our clients have taken that leap of faith to do what they love and I get to be a part of that.

What is Jessica’s big picture business goals?

Jessica: My big picture business goal for my clients is understanding the lifecycle of a customer as well as drilling down to really know and understand my clients niche. If you understand your niche and what THEY want, you are in a better mindset to deliver. Providing value is crucial and sales are a by-product. Provide value, deliver on what you’re selling and wow their socks off!

In saying that, my personal business goals are to help small businesses by sharing my experiences here at Infusionsoft. I am passionate about marketing and the customer lifecycle and what that means for each small business.

I am working on a couple of projects right now which I can’t discuss just yet but once I can, you’ll be the first to know!

Yvonne: My goal is to utilize more of Jessica’s creative genius in the future!

If you have systems and marketing questions, you can contact Jessica at:
Twitter: @jessicalayne00
Linkedin: JessicaLStephens