Is Your Tribe Eagles or Turkeys?

Who is your tribe of people that you spend the most time with? We hear about tribes in the business world it seems everywhere. So what is a tribe? Seth Godin defines a tribe as: a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. For millions of years, human beings have been [...]

Is Your Tribe Eagles or Turkeys?2014-11-25T12:43:49-06:00

3 Tips to Communicate Your Value to the Other 67%

Did you know that most small businesses are only marketing to the 3% of buyers who are actively looking for their products or services? 3% are actively looking or shopping for your products or services. This is where most of your competition is also marketing. 7% are open to the possibility of buying your products or services, they haven't actively [...]

3 Tips to Communicate Your Value to the Other 67%2014-11-20T12:17:45-06:00

Balance Your Business

Do you have balance in your Business? Everybody has different beliefs when it comes to finding balance in your work and personal life. This is partially from us each having different value systems and different life experiences. This is something that I have struggled with for years…basically since college when I made the decision to study architecture. Architects seem to [...]

Balance Your Business2014-11-20T12:00:59-06:00

Revenue is for Vanity, Profit is for Sanity

While at a sales retreat a week ago, my associate Shanti Hill made an interesting comment that she uses when consulting with her clients. Revenue is for vanity, Profit is for Sanity It’s all money RIGHT!?! It's not. I’m not a financial professional or accountant…I like simple explanations… Revenue is the money coming in from the sales of your products [...]

Revenue is for Vanity, Profit is for Sanity2014-09-05T07:44:04-05:00

Four Fool-Proof Ways to Start a Wellness Program in Your Organization

By As we all know, the cost of insurance -- especially for small businesses can get pretty pricey. With that in mind, many businesses are focusing on creating an environment of wellness to keep costs down for themselves and their employees -- with the added benefit that a healthy work place is just better for everyone! * The question [...]

Four Fool-Proof Ways to Start a Wellness Program in Your Organization2014-09-04T11:39:35-05:00
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