Do you have balance in your Business?

Everybody has different beliefs when it comes to finding balance in your work and personal life. This is partially from us each having different value systems and different life experiences.

Balance in BusinessThis is something that I have struggled with for years…basically since college when I made the decision to study architecture. Architects seem to love all-nighters, scope-creep, and scope seep for some sick reason. These are all things that kill your health, kill your profits, and lead to burn-out. (This is why I have strong opinions on time management and project management.)

I understand…who doesn’t want to create something beautiful for our clients? Who doesn’t want to create that perfect product or service that is going to make a difference in our client’s lives? Who doesn’t want to do something that is going to leave a lasting impact even when we are no longer leading the helm?

So what is balance?

Ebb-and-flow of life and businessBalance is understanding the ebb-and-flow in our lives and business. Sometimes we are moving forward full steam and sometimes we are pausing…looking at the big picture…and then moving forward again or course correcting like the captain sailing his ship.

Balance is understanding that when you work hard, there needs to be something playful or something that feeds your soul. I know A LOT of entrepreneurs who are passionate about their businesses. We LOVE what we do and we LOVE helping and serving others. We all operate better, when we step away for a bit. Take a vacation or day off. Have fun…

Balance is taking care of your body. I remember hearing once that “your body is a temple” and that “you are what you eat.” What about the commercial with the kids playing soccer in the characters of donuts and french fries? (I do love stopping for a small French fry and milk shake every few months myself and NO I do not feel guilty about this occasional treat!) We feel better when we move around and eat healthy foods.

Balance is being mentally grounded. If you know that there is going to be ebb-and-flow in your business and have planned for it in your pricing structure and metrics, you are going to be better prepared mentally. If you planned for time away from your business for you to recharge, the ideas will have room to come to you. A tired, overwhelmed mind is not working at full capacity.

Balance is being spiritually grounded. We each have different spiritual beliefs, I am personally more spiritual than religious. I enjoy finding grains of TRUTH and CONNECTION in different areas. I believe we are each on the journey we are meant to be on…I believe we each get to CHOOSE what is next. Will it be a choice out of fear and lack or will it be a choice out of faith that is everything will work out, that a lesson will be learned?

Balance Your Business

Some individuals believe that you can isolate the areas of your life so that they won’t affect other areas. I will say that those areas have a way of sneaking up on you and biting you in the butt. Perfect example…pushing on a deadline and then getting sick for a week…or pushing to finish something, working long hours, then reaching a point that you can’t think and your family is mad at you. (I’m not proud to say that I’ve done both of these…You never went to have the conversation with your spouse or significant other that “You are freaking me out.”)

Balanced like a DancerAs we practice balance…like a dancer we get stronger. We realize when we are out of balance and we make the changes necessary to get back in balance.We learn to ASK for help.

To balance your business is to cultivate a balance between leading your business and living your life…essential to the health and growth of your company.

This weekend, take a moment to think on the different areas of your life. Is there an area that is out of balance? How is it affecting your business? What do you need to change? Are you taking the actions needed to grow your business?

What ONE step do you need to take to move in the direction that you want?

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