Well…”We’re moving!”

We are coming down from our Colorado Mountain and moving back to Texas. It’s not often (thank goodness!) that we physically move our businesses across the country while also transitioning or growing them.


[title size=”2″]On the Move[/title]

When you are on the move physically or in business, it can be sad, overwhelming, exciting and empowering.

[title size=”2″]SAD[/title]

View from Colorado officeIt can be SAD because you are leaving people behind that you have come to know and care about, and perhaps because you are letting go of a version of yourself or your business that you have become comfortable with, but need to leave behind to go to the next level. I am sad to leave behind the beautiful view from my office window and the trail I like to take Cheyenne walking on.


[title size=”2″]OVERWHELMING[/title]

It can be OVERWHELMING because you have essentially just started a second full time job if it is a physical move. As a business owner and entrepreneur, it is one more thing you are trying to coordinate in your already busy schedule.

[title size=”2″]EXCITING[/title]

Yvonne is so Excited!It can be EXCITING because you are on a new adventure, meeting new people, creating new opportunities! You are FREE to let go of systems, beliefs, things, and even people. You should see the amount of paper I have shredded in the last week. Talk about excited to not move that stuff!


[title size=”2″]EMPOWERING[/title]

It can be EMPOWERING to know that you have created the foundation for an amazing business that you get to take ANYWHERE; that you can help serve more people. It is EMPOWERING to know that you can do anything because you have the courage to take those steps towards your bigger goal.


Is it easy? Not always. Is it worth it? For me yes. That is a question that you have to answer for yourself.

So I ask you…Are YOU and your business on the move or are you stuck? Are you ready to take those next steps to create what you REALLY want? To make the money you really want? It’s your Choice…

If you’re ready to figure out What’s Next to be on the move… Schedule a 30-minute Discovery Session with me to see how we can work together.

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